The 3rd World Bibliobattle Championship

The 3rd World Bibliobattle Championship(WBC2016) will be held according to the following introduction.

General info

Date and Time

Saturday, 22 October 2016,  13:00 - 15:00 



Communication space HOTTONAARU by Nakajima Stores Association Consortium

 (Nakajimacho 1-24-2, Muroran, Hokkaido)


he World Bibliobattle Championship is an international competition held for people all around the world to experience and enjoy Bibliobattle.

As long as you could introduce your favorite books in Japanese, you will be eligible to participate the competition, and no concerns for your occupations, ages, and nationalities. However, the qualifying for Japanese competitors and foreigners competitors (non-native speaker of Japanese) are different.


Taking part through the championship

The Championship on October 22th will be competed by more than 4 presenters who are basically the winners of the ‘Champ-Book’ award in the qualifying.


will take place according to the following method.


(1) Please gather more than 4 foreign competitors and more than 10 participants (competitors included).


(2) Apply to WBC staff office.

     And specify the contents below. The office will reply after confirmation.

  • Information of the host
  • Time and location of qualifying
  • Number of competitors and expected participants 

(3) As obeying the official rule and Biblio-battle regulations, let's enjoy the game. Please try your best to share the  information of qualifying to the public in order to provide opportunities for everyone to take part in the events. (Information of qualifying will not be necessary to share if it is held during lectures.)


(4) When qualifying is over, please contact affairs bureau with the following information. 

  • Number of all the participants (number of competitors and number of participants)
  • Each competitor's name, age, nationality, address, and information of book
  • Name and contact information of the person who won the Champ-book award

If there is any difficulty for holding qualifying, information of nearby events will be informed after contacting WBC staff office.

Rules of WBC

Besides [Bibliobattle Official Rules], [Bibliobattle SYUTOKESSEN Regulations] will also be applied in WBC. Additionally, there is one more rule added for WBC listed below.


* Presentation and Q&A should be done in Japanese.

(Considering the Q&A contents, interpreter volunteers would be necessary or not which is still under discussion)